Eyelash Extentions


Internationally Qualified Eyelash, Eyebrow Stylist

WHY get extensions?

It’s all about your Natural Beauty. Enhanced.

If you have a busy lifestyle, whether you are a business woman or a mum and lack that time to stand in front of the mirror, extensions are perfect for you.

They keep you looking fresh and beautiful 24/7.

Who is lash artist Apple?
Known in the industry by her artist name “Apple” is an internationally qualified eyelash, brow and a make-up artist with over 7 years of industry experience.She is specialised on eyelash extensions and was one of the first eyelash artists offering volume lashes in Melbourne.  In her career Apple has also looked after a few TV celebrity lashes
e.g. Essie Davies (“Miss Fisher`s Murder Mysteries” ABC series), Gamble Breaux (“Real Housewives of Melbourne”) etc.

Do extensions damage my lashes?

Lash damage is not a myth. It occurs when you get lashes done by an unqualified “lash technican” who lacks the technique and knowledge. Its so much more than just glueing on extensions. Its about the vision, the design, contouring, matching the natural lashes with correct extensions and many more variables that come with training and experience only!

Why choose iLash, Makeup&Brow design by Apple at Glo Dermaclinical?

There are many salons offering eyelash extensions, but your beautiful lashes should not be pampered just by anyone. Apple’s priority is to look after your natural lashes and not to compromise their health by overloading them with extensions. This allows you to wear extensions as long as you wish without being worried about your natural lash wellbeing. The products Apple uses are the highest quality and always fresh!

What lashes should I choose?

There are a few different lash options out there and it can get a bit confusing to decide which lashes should you get. Leave the details to the professional to worry about and just describe Apple the look you are wanting. She will match you with the right set which Your natural lashes will also love.

There are 2 types of lash sets:

1. CLASSIC SETS where ONE extension is applied to one of your natural eyelash (1:1). Through the thickness, length, curl and number of extensions applied you will achieve fuller and longer looking lashes.

If you are wanting a natural look try the CLASSIC NATURAL SET which has around 70 extensions on each eye and looks like you are “wearing” 1-2 layers of mascara. First application will take around 1hr 15 min.

CLASSIC FULL SET would fit someone who wishes a fuller look, has big eyes or a lot of natural lashes. It would be around 80-100 extensions each eye and takes around 1hr 30 min.

2. VOLUME LASH SET (Also known as Russian lashes) where a hand made customized fan of super fine extensions is made to suit your natural lash giving a more dense but fluffier look making this an ideal option for women with weak or sparse lashes. Suits if you are after a more eye defined and dramatic look as it gives 200-300% more density as the classic set. Volume lash set can be as dramatic or as natural as you wish and your natural lashes allow.

Refills for extensions are recommended every 3-4 weeks depending on your aftercare, lash cycle and lifestyle as loosing extensions week after week is normal. Our natural lashes have a lifespan between 60-90 days, which means you can expect to loose natural lashes every day as new lashes grow in. The extensions will fall out with the natural lash when your natural lashes shed making the set sparser week by week.  The expected lash loss for the first week is generally around 5 lashes each eye, second week expect to loose around 10-15 lashes and third week you may expect more loss. To have your set last the longest be mindful of the aftercare instructions as the extensions are just glued on your natural lashes and are semi permanent.

Whether you are a long term lash fan or new to extensions I welcome you @ ILash,Makeup&Brow design by Apple!

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