Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Specialists

Does your therapist have a formal Qualification / Government Accreditation?

This means that your treating therapist has undergone a nationally accredited training and assessment program.

What this means is they are amongst the best in the industry and are able to make complex, high level, independent judgments for your individual concerns.

So move over Waxing and goodbye Shaving! The future is Permanent Hair Removal!

Glo has over 15 years of permanent hair removal experience and perform treatments on both women and men.

What do we offer you?

  • Safety first with our thorough consultation & assessment
  • No compromising your results by using inferior equipment
  • Clinical pre & after care
  • Follow up call as a duty of care for continued results
  • All therapists hold a Certificate in LASER SAFETY and government accreditation

IPL EquipmentWhat equipment we use?

Palomar Starlux – medical grade equipment made in the U.S.A

Our first concern for you is result and how we can get that perceived result for you.


IPL Q’s & A’s

How does the IPL (intense pulse light) remove hair?

The light flash penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This absorption heats the hair and the heat is transmitted to the nourishment structure of the hair; this results in it being heated to a temperature of 72 Celsius for a millisecond and thus killed. Each flash destroys a large number of hair follicles, with the hairs falling out within 1-2 weeks.

How do we know the treatment worked?

In most cases, there are no visible effects. It is possible, immediately after treatment, to pull out a hair easily with tweezers. This is proof of a good result. Redness also may appear around individual hair indicating successful treatment. A light exfoliation 10 – 15 days after the session can speed up the falling out process of the hairs.

Is there any down time for the client?

Not at all. IPL treatments are perfect for lunch time treatments. Limitation concerns are only exposure to sunlight and if necessary, use SPF 30+ sun cream on the treated area.

How many treatments are required?

On an average 6-8 treatments are required for the same area; this can sometimes vary due to individual factors. After that generally one or two annual maintenance sessions MAY be required as follow up.

IPL can only see hairs in the growth phase-Anagen. Approximately 20% of all hairs are in their growth phase at any one time. Certain “resting hairs” can also become active due to age and hormonal modifications. Other factors include hair colour and thickness.

Appreciate that everyone is different and this is why multiple treatments are required.

Is Intense Pulse Light (IPL) the same as laser?

NO! Laser operates only on a single wavelength and theoretically adapted to a single type of skin and hair. Because of its wide spectrum, the Palomar is therefore more flexible in use than a laser.

How does it differ from electrolysis?

Electrolysis is treating hair by hair (insertion of a probe into each hair follicle) and very effective. However the treatment can at times be time consuming. IPL is a treatment area of 1cm x 5cm per shot (flash) therefore fast and effective. Electrolysis can treat all hair colours where IPL cannot.

Who can be treated?

Darker the hair better the result. Light and fine hairs can be difficult though can still result in some reduction. Red and white hairs cannot be removed due to lack of pigmentation within the hair. Clients with darker colour skin sometimes need to be excluded from treatment.

Does it hurt?

The sensation is that of elastic band lightly snapped against the skin. For most people a LOT less painful then waxing. The feeling of discomfort is extremely variable from one person to another; it depends on the concentration of melanin in the skin, the hair size, the hair density etc. Palomar IPL equipment do have built in “cooling” devise to minimize this discomfort. Many of our clients have indicated that this system for this reason is amazingly more comfortable and without the messy use of gel.

What is visible after a treatment?

In some cases redness or goose bump appearance but this disappears in a short time after the treatment. However for most people there is no visibility of the above appearing.


How can the treatment be priced so affordable in comparison?

Glo Beauty Therapy knows that hair is not biased and will grow regardless of your financial status. A design to pay by flash amounts (per shot) being more flexible. As the area shrinks so does the fee.

Our pricing system allows glo to give the best in progressively permanent hair removal continually at affordable prices…

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